The Definitive Guide to the World of Color in Tourmaline Gemstones

The Definitive Guide to the World of Color in Tourmaline Gemstones

Tourmaline Tales of Sad and Glade

Posted by: The Bruce Fry Tourmaline Collection

July 13, 2021

For every beginning there must be an end. I am green, yellow and orange and I kept the true meaning of that phrase hidden in my heart for many eons. The cutter was drawn into my web of deception by my size, large, price, cheap and the catchy phrase, different unusual color appearing in my description on the inter net. Some mortals are so predictable and easy to catch. I arrived with both my ends cobbled, but my shapely sides still bore the lines of creation. The cutter looked, but did not see my secrete. He debated about cutting me up and isolating my principle axis color of an unusual shade of orange from my green parts, but I would not stand for that. My destiny was to be a deep shield trilliant style gem of complex demeanor. When I shed my skin, the distribution of the colors of my smooth shape confused the poor misguided cutter. I had worn a dress of uniform green over my orange heart in the beginning, but now I had an orange end, a yellow band and over half of my body was still green. I heard the cutter grunt that I was more than I had lead him to believe. How could the green be a manifestation of my dichroic nature if the yellow and orange parts were untainted by green, This could not be, it was against nature and he ground deeper.

Still , green remained, but it seemed to grow paler. I was afraid that he would penetrate my must private part, but the cutting stopped and it was my bright future to glow at the hands of the tin lap and alumina. I did not like the wheel to tear at me in just any direction, but one we found the right motion, he moved me to polish beautifully. Now this mortal was tired and the hour late. Would he just transfer my brightly finished derriere or final see what was being revealed in the hall of mirrors that I was becoming? I had waited so long for him to come to me in the heat of insight, that I almost fainted when he peaked and understood. “

What name will I be blessed with. The cutter’s limited imagination when it comes to color names will not be adequate. All my secrets have not been reveled and only a close relationship under a variety of of “white” lights will be satisfactory. For now the cutter will grind on into the night and it should be a memorable time in the circle of light and spinning wheels.